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Fiddler's Green Farm Vermont

Áine's Garden Shimmering Oil

Áine's Garden Shimmering Oil

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Áine (ON-ya) is an Irish Goddess of summer, love, protection, fertility, wealth and sovereignty. She is also known as a goddess of the earth and nature. This oil is inspired by her and summertime.

This face & body oil doubles as a moisturizer as well as a perfume oil leaving your skin shimmering and smelling wonderful! 

The Mica (natural shimmering mineral) will be collected at the bottom of the bottle. Shake vigorously and apply a small amount onto face or body as needed. 

Ingredients ( Sustainably harvested and Organically Grown):
Citrus, Lavender and Rose infused in Jojoba Oils and Mica.

* In a 2oz dropper bottle.


Ingredients (sustainably grown & harvested)

How to Use

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